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Why people like the Zkittlez Strain – Marijuana

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How Zkittlez Strain won any awards?

Yes, Zkittlez Strain won the Best Indica at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup held in Michigan.

What is the THC percentage level of Zkittlez Strain?

The THC content of Zkittlez is measured at 15-23% and the attraction of the bud is strong enough to win the title of best Indica.

What are its characteristics?

The eye – striking violet tones is the result of a high concentration of anthocyanin pigments. Depending on the phenotype, the thick, bulky flowers of the plant appear as bright orange hairs and pistils scattered over the flowers. Like its name, this variety also offers the opportunity to taste the rainbow. It turns out that Zkittlez also shows a rainbow, but not only in the shape of its buds, but also in its leaves, stems and leaves.

What is its smell?

After proper ripening, the flowers of Zkittlez exude a kind of sweet-and-sour funk, but the aroma is where it really shines – it is a combination of sweet, sweet and sour aroma.

Does it smell like berries or fruit? Does it smell different based on how you smoke it?

The second note reveals slightly clearer notes of berries and lemon, and the acidic notes in this variety are enhanced by the flowers, which leads to a kind of skunk. When it is burned in a pipe or joint, the flower burns with a slightly inhaled smoke, but when it is burned in pipes or joints, it is more of a sweet, sour and sour funk.

What does the light smoke taste like?

When exhaled, the light smoke tastes fruity and grape-like, and it is noteworthy that all traceable grape aromas are related to the violet color of this variety, since pigmentation determines the color of the plant and the terpenes determine its flavor profile.

How might it make me feel?

Although Zkittlez starts relatively quickly, his head-focused effects are rather subtle. At first there may be a slight pressure on the eyes and temples, but after that it subsides.

How is my pespeption affected after smoking it?

When smokers get used to the feeling, they can estimate the impact of exposure on their sensory perception. Some report that there is a sense that time passes more slowly, as well as a feeling of becoming more aware of subtle changes in the environment, such as more light, more noise, and more time passing slowly.

What effects might Zkittlez Strain provide me?

This type of cerebral energy can be useful for working on detailed tasks, whether they are complicated or more mundane, such as cleaning the house. This mental activating effect is supplemented by a noticeable body high, and users notice that their thoughts take on a new quality or quality and occupy them with certain ideas more than they would otherwise do. Such trippy and depersonalizing effects can enhance a visually captivating TV show or movie, or even the experience of continuing during a high-tech performance.

In what environment and time of day is it recommended?

Zkittlez is best enjoyed in a relaxed environment, but not for long periods, such as during the day.

Any caution or concern?

People who are prone to panic or have a low tolerance for THC shouldn’t take Zkittlez because of its potentially paranoid cerebral effects. It can also help those who have alow appetite due to stress, anxiety, depression or other mental disorders.

What are some tips for growing?

If you are interested in growing Zkittlez, you should know that it can be grown in a variety of climates, from warm climates to cold and even tropical climates. Gardeners who want to produce purple buds should expose their plants to the cold. Given that strains with similar ratios of Indica and Sativa strains can flower at different temperatures in different parts of the world, it is a good choice for winter and spring.

What is a general sentiment growers feel toward growing?

It is always pleasant when like-minded people share their knowledge and experience in plant sciences and gardening, especially when it is shared with like-minded people.

Where can I buy the Zkittlez Strain?

See the prices for Zkittlez Strain at our online cannabis store in on Zkittles strain weed product page. There are discounts available often.

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