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What are the best Weed strains for depression and anxiety?

weed cannabis marijuana strains for depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety disorders are very significant medical disorders that are prevalent in the society at large. People with depression often have symptoms of anxiety disorder, and people with anxiety disorder also have depression. Depending on the quality, these two disorders can occur simultaneously & people are looking towards alternative methods, like the use of medical Cannabis to treat them.

Anxiety & Depression can be difficult to tell apart, but the use of Medical marijuana has proved its significance in treating both conditions. Marijuana has been known to reduce anxiety & stress due to the presence of THC and CBD. However, the anxiety-reducing effect of Weed has more to do with the dose & your body tolerance to the use of weed. High levels of cannabinoids in medical cannabis strains have proved highly beneficial in relieving the symptoms of anxiety.

Use this list to find out how these strains are helping unlimited patients suffering from depression & anxiety. By going through this blog, you will learn about the best strains of Marijuana that are beneficial for managing anxiety & depression.

weed strains for depression and anxiety

1. Cherry Pie Strain

This indica dominant strain with its indica dominance has high THC value & low CBD value that you will give you shockingly cerebral effects & reduce your stress & anxiety. After smoking Cherry pie weed, your brain will begin a chain response of relaxation that will leave you in a complete state of euphoria. The individuals who smoke the Cherry Pie strain minimize depression & anxiety.

cherry pie strain

2. Bruce Banner strain

The Bruce Banner strain is known to act as a natural relief of severe pain for the patient and is one of the best strains for treating anxiety and depression. This weed relaxes the body and mind. By using a little higher dose of Bruce banner, you can get rid of your severe headaches. Bruce Banner Strain is a premium medicinal marijuana that can be used to relieve your depression and anxiety.


3. Purple haze Strain

Purple haze is a great strain for keeping you focused on your work. The use of this herb will help people to suffer from ADD. By smoking Purple Haze weed, you will have a positive change in your mood that makes it one of the best strains to treat depression and anxiety. In addition, it has mild inflammatory and pain-relieving properties that can relieve minor swellings caused by headaches or pain.

purple haze strain

Girl scout cookies strain

The use of Girl Scout cookies strain may not be as effective in treating patients with cannabis with its cannabinoid levels. But high THC levels of Girl Scout cookies have made it one of the best medical marijuana to treat anxiety and depression. Numerous users have reported positive effects such as pain relief, loss of appetite, and nausea. This weed is excellent for relieving depression, chronic inflammation, muscle tension, and backaches. It’s extremely soothing properties will help alleviate your feelings of depression.

girl scout cookies strain

Ice cream cake strain

Many patients choose to buy Ice Cream Cake Strain because they know of its medical benefits. Physical discomfort like anxiety, depression, and some other conditions can be relieved, so you will experience relief for at least a few hours. A partial solution to some ailments can also be found by consuming ice cream cake marijuana that you can buy over the counter or grow yourself as this strain is one of the best to reduce anxiety and depression.

ice cream cake strain

6. Alien OG strain

For patients with post-traumatic stress disorders, Alien OG is one of the best medical marijuana strain with its powerful physical effects that helps in relieving stress & anxiety without providing with too much couch-lock. In large quantities, Alien OG strain can be an effective way to avoid insomnia and calm users into a deep and refreshing sleep.

alien og strain

Northern Lights Strain

By consuming one of the most popular cannabis strains, Northern Lights, you can enjoy some relaxation. If you are suffering from anxiety & depression, this strain offers you some relief soon after consuming. The patients who suffer from insomnia due to stress in their life should use this weed.

northern lights strain

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