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What Are Licensed Producers & 3 Reasons To Avoid Their Cannabis Products

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Since the Canadian Laws around Marijuana have change to this day of this writing, local dispensaries have been getting raided by a Community Service Unit protected by the RMCP or local force. In October 2018, marijuana became legal which lead to an enforcement of hundreds of dispensaries that have been operating for years. Now that the Canada Reneue Agency wants its piece of the pie, municipalities across Canada quickly shut down these illegal dispensaries and began (very slowly) to issue licenses to qualified retailers. And these qualified retailer retails must get their products from Health Canada’s list of Licenced Producers of Marijuana products.

What Are Licensed Producers (LP)?

Licenced holder are companies authorized by Health Canada to produce and sell dried cannabis, fresh cannabis, cannabis oils, or starting materials (seeds & plants) to eligible members of the public. This federal license is required to cultivate, process and sell cannabis for medical or non-medical purposes.

Licence holders are authorized to sell to:

  • Wholesalers or distributors supplying the provincial and territorial cannabis retailers, and/or

  • individuals who have registered to obtain cannabis products for medical purposes (“registered patients”)

Registered patients have a possession limit of the lesser of 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis product) in addition to the 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes.

From a bird’s eye view, everything looks fine with these licensed producers and their supply of medical and non-medical marijuana. However, when we take a closer look with a magnifying glass you will discover some concerning fact about licensed producers in Canada.

3 Reasons Why You Might Want To Avoid Licensed Producers Marijuana

  • Crumby Flowered Products: It used to be that when I walked into a dispensary, I’d find a large selection of big danky buds from different weed strains to choose from. Upon pointing out what I would like, the bud-tender would use chopsticks to fetch out the biggest bud he or she could reach for (which was really easy because jars upon jars where full of fat buds) and then stuff it in a baggie for me. Unfortunately, those experience might be a thing of the past. When I went to a retailer of LP marijuana in downtown Vancouver, I had a menu of cannabis to choose from and then the store clerk went into the back and delivered me a box. This was weird I thought. This video was essentially the same experience I had once I opened up the over-packaged, crumby ass weed provided in a box that Health Canada clearly labeled. Watch this 37 second video.

  • Cannabis Irradiation is like food irradiation that has been used for years. In a nutshell, irradiation is like a high tech food preservative. It uses radiation to prevent contamination amongst other things that extends its shelf life. When survey, over 60% of respondents said they would not want to consume anything that has been through irradiation treatment. Yet, most non-organic foods including meats, fruits, veggies, herbs & spice have been. Health Canada says that licences holders can – however not required to – use cannabis irradiation along with over 90 other pesticides before selling off their harvest. Research is also suggesting that when medical marijuana is radiated, it loses a high level of its medicinal strength. It has been estimated by some industry insiders that up to 80% of licensed producers irradiate their cannabis, but a media rep for Health Canada could not verify this number, and it’s not required for irradiated cannabis to be labeled as such.

  • Over-Packaging: Did you watch the 37-second video from above? Like that video, the packaging was excessive. He got his in a bottle that looked like it could have contained way more that what that guy received. For me, it came in a box and within the box a plastic tray-like container with a strong foil sealer that needed to be peeled away to access the crumbs. If Canada and the rest of the world are facing a climate crisis, why is Health Canada enabling the production and use of all the excessive packaging? It just doesn’t make sense how the government is leading in such a destructive way to treat the environment when really all the people want is the natural plant… not all the plastic and paper packaging.

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