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Tuna Kush Strain Origins and Cannabis Profile

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Where did Tuna Kush originate from?

The tuna from the Hindu Kush in Canada is apparently a legend, the breeders are unknown and the United States have just put their fingers on the super-smelly buds. I am here to tell you that the world understands tuna much better than you already know it.

What kind of concentration of THC does it have?

Before you go any further, remember that these buds are quite unusual and could cause you to reconsider cannabis as you know it. Tuna Kush acts like a normal strain, but with a much higher concentration of THC (the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis) than normal.

What does it smell like and what is its appearance?

Just wait until you approach, the stench of tuna fills the air immediately after burning and the scents of sour skunk translate to the taste. The buds are planted with amber hairs and clear crystals, accentuated by a mint green tint.

Is it Indica or Sativa? How does it make you feel?

Described as one of the best Indica highs ever, these buds flood the user with a dreamy, euphoric and relaxing introspection. I really wonder why anyone would expose themselves to this torture, but who is to judge? Once you’ve seen the effects of tuna, you’ll see why people put it on their list of most popular highs.

Additional comments on the feelings you get from it:

As soon as you feel your mind melting, you feel a warmth that moves from head to toe. No matter how hard it feels, you will be able to shut it all down and chat with the friend next to you no matter what.

Can Tuna Kush help with any ailments?

Tuna Kush may not be the first variety that comes to mind when you have a medical problem, but its fragrance does bring a lot of relief to a whole range of problems. While the smell can be unpleasant, you will find that your nausea disappears and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety improve. Cases of chronic or sporadic pain also quickly fall by the wayside, and a bit before bed can help tame insomnia.

What kind of crop can I expect from Tuna Kush?

Given that tuna comes from unknown breeders, it is not surprising that seeds are difficult to find, and many people are not even up to the challenge. Others report that the yield is also rather low, so that the buds can end up causing more pain than they are worth. This is deliberate, as home-grown varieties emit a high amount of toxins, some of which are deliberate and others are not.

What might you experience after smoking this strain?

Depending on what kind of friend you are, Tuna Kush could be a great strain to play tricks on you, or you may just want to keep it to yourself to experience its great effects. If your nose is blocked, you can do whatever it takes to remove the bad tuna smell from your life. Drink water immediately after smoking and then spend a relaxing night, but do not do so again until you have taken the first step to eliminate that nasty “tuna smell”!

Where can I buy Tuna Kush cannabis strain?

See the prices for Tuna Kush at our online marijuan shop in on Tuna Kush weed strain product page. There are discounts available often.

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