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Top Ten shatter strains You Need to Know

shatter strains

Shatter refers to a special type of hash oil that is extracted with butane (BHOs). It uses a liquefied gas as a solvent to extract terpenes and cannabinoids from the plant material of cannabis. Its color is golden and is characterized by the hardness and consistency of glass. It is normally shattered when fallen on the ground.

shatter strains

Shatter Strains 

You can consider the below shatter strains:

shatter cbd oil top 10

Chunky Diesel

It is a dominant hybrid of sativa, “Chunky D”. Its level of THC can go up to 78.86% as shatter. You can get a Chunky Diesel from a mixture of Sour Diesel and Deep Chunk. According to users, the effect is clear-headed, cerebral and energetic. There are more physical effects with increased dose. Its flavor is defined as chocolate, spicy and sweet. It can assist with depression, nausea, and fatigue. It also improves your mood.

Sour Flo

It is a hybrid of sativa dominant. Its level of THC can go up to 80.18%. This strain will leave you in a feeling of pleasant relaxation which encourages creativity and focus. The reported flavors are lime, diesel and earthy.

The White

The origin of the flower is unknown. In the beginning, it was identified as “Triangle” however we know it’s a hybrid whose level of THC as shatter can go up to 88.34%. The high is referred to as a true effect of the hybrid with equal head and body sensation.


This is a hybrid of indica dominant. It originated from a mixture of Bubba Kush and Strawberry Cough. As shatter, its level of THC can go up to 84.69%. It improves creativity, happiness, and energy. 

Denver Maple

This is a strain of indica dominant. As a shatter, its level of THC can go up to 83.82%. It has effects such as uplifted, relaxed and sleepy. As its name suggests, it has a maple-like flavor that is sweet.

White Fire

This is a hybrid of indica dominant, “Wifi”. It originated from the mixture of The White and Fire OG. You will choose White Fire to treat depression and anxiety, cancer, pain, glaucoma, and appetite loss. Its level of THC as shatter can go up to 76.84%.

Sour Diesel

It is a Sativa dominant. It’s also identified as “Sour D”. It has an origin that is related to the Grateful Dead concert. Seeds that are from the show can be later joined with Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk, leading to pungently scented bud. It is great for concerts or working out, but not necessarily for a day at the office. Sour Diesel is reported to help with depression, PTSD and ADD. As shatter, its THC level can get up to 81.15%.


This is a hybrid of sativa dominant. It is bred as a flower by the Dutch Passion. It is a cross-breed of Purple, Thai and Afghani Indica. It was the rated as the first winner of the 1996 Cannabis Cup. As shatter, its THC level can get up to 72.52%.


It is important to take care of it. When it is improperly stored, shatter breaks down and loses its initial potency or flavor and consistency. You can prevent this by storing shatter in a light-proof and an airtight container. Planning to grow your own? Flower time is generally around 50 to 55 days.

shatter container

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