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Super Silver Haze Strain Frequently Asked Questions on this enjoyable Marijuana

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What is the origin of the Super Silver Haze Strain?

Mr. Nice, Green House’s founder, purchased Silver Haze, an already popular strain, from Scott Blakey and modified how to market it, renaming the strain Super Silver Haze. Mr. Nice, founder of Amsterdam’s Green House Seed Company, purchased the seed of a sought-after strain called Silver Haze from breeders Scott Blakey and Neville Schoenmaker.

What strains used to make Super Silver Haze Strain? Has it won any awards?

Green House says the current version of this strain is a result of crossing Shiva with Northern Lights #5. It won three awards at Cannabis Cup—first place for hydro in 1998 and 1999 and first overall in both years. Green House, which claims the record for most Cannabis Cup awards, credits its current strain to a cross between Shiva and Northern Lights.

What is the terpene profile like? What is the THC percentage? What effects does it have?

This premium strain is the result of a genius combination of genetics. A new breed that combines a peppery-spicy terpene profile with a Sativa-like effect, it also boasts an incredibly high THC percentage of 19.11. This seed company recommends it to alleviate pain and stimulate appetite.

How long does it take to fully flower? What are the characteristics of the buds? What is its scent?

The strain grows tall, with long branches and vivid green leaves. The flowering period is 77 days, and the plant matures to full flower in the weeks of mid-October in the Northern Hemisphere and mid-April in the Southern Hemisphere. Green House reports an outdoor harvest, which is a huge plus for growers. Buds are rounded and green with orange pistils and hairs. The scent is fruity, intense, and skunky.

Is there a high cbd version of the Super Silver Haze Strain

Both the original and high-CBD versions are available in feminized seed form.

Where can I buy the Super Silver Haze Strain?

See the prices for Super Silver Haze Strain at our online dispensary shop in on Super Silver Haze weed strain product page. and the Super Silver Haze weed strain batch 2 version of the product that we have here which is shown on this page. There are discounts available often.

super silver haze strain bulk #2

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