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San Fernando Valley OG Kush Weed Strain Information, Benefits and THC levels

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Where did San Fernando Valley OG Kush originate from and what are its characteristics?

The original appearance of San Fernando Valley OG Kush led to a proliferation of phenotypes with multiple desirable characteristics. The particular cut that made it into medical dispensaries came from Swerve of The Cali Connection. As the original was clone-only, Swerve would continue to cultivate the strain for several years, eventually mixing it with Afghan #1.

How exactly did he cross they cross the two strains?

The SFV OG Kush is a cross of two landrace Indica strains from Afghanistan and a backcrossing of the females. To create an excellent variety, Swerve chose to use a superior male and top female for the cross. Swerve: I am going to try it again, but this time crossing the infamous SFV OG Kush with the equally infamous Afghan #1. The results are outstanding, my favorite strain yet.

Has is won any awards and how it is recommended that you smoke it? What does it help with?

In 2012, SFV OG Kush earned 3rd place at the High Times Cannabis Cup. It is a hybrid strain that is fruity and skunky in scent and taste. This super Indica-dominant strain can be harsh to smoke, so many recommend vaporizing it. Beginning in the head, SFV OG Kush relieves anxiety and stress. Washing over the body, it numbs out physical pain.

What are additional effects you feel from SVG OG Kush?

The high from this strain does not begin heavy. After 2-3 hours, the strain may cause users to feel weighed down and tired. It may also cause users to have a craving for sweets and eat more food than normal. The indica side of this strain leads to bone-deep body relaxation and couch-lock. You should not drive or operate machinery in this state.

What are some tips when growing it?

If you are a soil grower, you should allow your plants to vegetate for at least 20 days before you start them into flowering. Also, super-crop the plants to increase their branching potential. Some soil growers have stated that SFV OG Kush needs less fertilization and stable temperatures to do well.

Where can I buy San Fernando Valley OG Kush?

See the prices for San Fernando Valley OG Kush at our online cannabis shop in on San Fernando Valley OG Kush weed strain product page. There are discounts available often.

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