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Marijuana Saved My Marriage

Marijuana Saved Marriage Of This Wife Of 10 Years

A female Reddit user claims that marijuana had led to better relations in bed which has saved her marriage. Due to her many years of struggles with depression and anxiety, her medical doctor placed her on anti-depressants.

Like almost every other drug dished out by medical professionals her anti-depressant caused her to have a low libido. It was so bad that she thought she could live without sleeping with her husban. However, her husband has a very high libido yet he was still very respectful of his wife’s situation.

Together along with the use of medical marijuana, they were able to transform their relationship to a new level. The thread was posted in the “” subreddit.

Key Points From This Story:

  • She’s a wife of 10 years with two small children.

  • She had to continue to take anti-depressants until she was able to get a medical marijuana card.

  • Anti-depressants has caused very low libido while husband still maintains high libido

  • No relations in bed is happening between her and spouse; no physical touch as husband gets in the mood

  • Both feel the distance between each other

  • She finally receives medical marijuana card

  • She’s now waking up after a night of sleeping with her husband asking if he wants to go again before they start the day.

While this is not a scientific study for how marijuana can lead to a better relations in bed with weed, it could be something worth attempting if you’re having challenges in your relationship.

This Reddit user states that she only smokes once the children are asleep for the night and never in the house. She an active member of society and excited about another ten years with her husband.

Marijuana for better intercourse is an approved message from us here at GotWeedOnline.

If you struggles with depression and/or anxiety and don’t have a medical marijuana card or access to high quality marijuana, shop with us today!

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