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Legal Cannabis Makes World Stage With Miss Canada Marijuana Costume

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Well Steve Harvey had another mishap at the Miss Universe 2019 event but what really got everyone high was Miss Canada’s Marijuana Costume.

miss canada marijuana costume

Alyssa Boston was born in Ontario and wore this medical marijuana inspired during the National Cosume Competition. She has been competing in pageants since the age of 17 and wore this costume in hope to end the stigmas around competing in pageants, mental illness, and medical marijuana. She is now 24 years old and was selected to take part in Miss Universe after a competition held in Toronto. Canada is the second country in the world to legalize marijuana for medical and non-medical use

While Boston has not used marijuana herself, she states that she would probably use it if she was prescribed it for any medical reasons.

miss universe canada cannabis

During the pageant, Boston stated:

No one wants to talk about it, cause you’re right, it’s a drug, how could a beauty queen speak about a drug? Those two things just don’t work together. I think that’s the biggest point is to have somebody who’s not in the industry talk about it and it could really open the eyes of a whole different group of people.
I didn’t understand why people would ever use it. I do like to follow the laws so I wouldn’t think about it before it was legal but now that it’s legal it really opens the eyes up to all these new potential customers.
They [Aphria’s grow in Leamington, Ontario] were telling us a story about a girl in the UK who they provide CBD to who has epilepsy and her seizures went from 20 to only one a day. So it’s pretty amazing to see and hear stuff like that too.

Boston has a business degree and while she did not win Miss Universe, she is a winner in our eyes for helping to dismantle the sigmas around marijuana use.

Congratulations to Alyssa Boston and her Miss Canada Marijuana costume.

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