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INDICA VS SATIVA: What is The Difference and How Can It Benefit Me?

indica vs sativa

What Is Sativa?

The first things that enthusiasts for the budding cannabis will realize are that all weed is basically categorized into two major distinct groups: Sativa and Indica. Both belong to the same plant species. Sativa is a tall and wirey equatorial strain. They were first developed under hot climates such as Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, and Southern Africa. The leaf of a sativa is normally thin. These plants will be compatible with socializing, completing tasks, and creative pursuits including writing, playing music or making visual art. best indica and sativa strains

Best sativa dominant strains

1. Diesel

Diesel is a highly popular hybrid. This strain is created by a cross between Mexican and Afghan sativas plus others. They give a complex result, the erotic hybrid offers a sensory high. It is an easy-to-grow and fast-flowering plant. Its buds are thickly shielded in a sweet resin through scents of citrus, exotic fruit, and oil.

2. Amnesia Haze

This strain has a long lineage of psychotropic sativa. It also has two landrace strains joined into a THC. This makes for an impactful and strong strain with high THC content. The taste is unbelievably delicious and citrusy. You will appreciate the uplifting euphoria of Amnesia Haze and its deep impact on the body. It is a great strain if you are suffering from chronic pain, depression or PTSD.

3. AK-47

There is no association with violence in this strain. It got its name because of its reputation as a “one-hit wonder”. It is an easy-to-grow sativa dominant hybrid. It also has disadvantage and that is the plant has a potent smell. If your neighbors are nosy, ensure you have proper ventilation and filter.

4. Super Silver Haze

It is easy to find superlatives for this superior strain. It was the first Haze to create a fast-growing, compact plant with a high-yielding crop. It is also a very pretty plant. It has silver trichomes that make crops look like snow-capped forests. This is also a delicious smoke. The taste is like peaches and cream and the smoke smells deliciously fruity. Super Silver Haze also creates a powerful, energetic high that is also a very good for medical users. MS patients swear by this strain, as do those who suffer from anxiety and stress.

5. Tangilope

Tangilope is a popular strain for sativa lovers who like their brainy high, they are fruity and chocolate flavored. This is a genetic blend of Chocolope and Tangie and a sativa-indica hybrid of an 80/20. It is grown with minimal care needed. The Vegetative phase of Tangilope is super-fast and attains maturity after 9 weeks only of flowering. The flower clusters are also extremely resinous with a delicious aroma. Even newbies can easily reap between 400-500 grams per square meter of the plant.

6. Sweet Cheese

Sweet Cheese is a hybrid mix of two very high-grade strains Cheese and Black Jack. The plant will produce dense buds that are long. It has high productivity which is only matched by its unique flavor. It possesses an overture for mature cheese and a spicy streak. Sweet Cheese will be a must try for you if you are seeking new aromas and flavors. Its effect is long lasting. The impact is euphoric relaxation. You can get a substantial Yields of the plant. However it has a strong aroma. You need good ventilation with this crop, therefore, plan accordingly. What is Indica: Cannabis Indica was first recognized in 1785 by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck. The plant is distinguishable through its firm and short stature and bushy appearance according to Lamarck. The leaf of the Indica should be wide. The Indica plant is known for generating relatively higher yields, pungent aromas, and denser buds. It originated from mountainous areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. It adapted itself to severe climate and first-time weather conditions by growing faster and producing a protective resin that is thick layered. best sativa

Best Indica dominant strains

1.  Supercritical (Greenhouse Seeds)

When you mix strains such as Skunk, Big Bud and White Widow for a new creation, expectations are naturally high. This strain delivers a very fast-hitting and strong physical high that relaxes and calms the entire body. With her sheer power to relax, Super Critical makes also a great medicinal strain that is ideal for the relief of chronic pains. She is in particular well-suited if you want to grow her SoG and ScrOG style.

2. Moneymaker (strain hunters)

This is a cross between the Hindu Kush, Skunk, and Master Kush and is as old-school as it can get. She will reward you with very fast growth and will thrive in any medium type such as cocoa, soil, grown in aeroponic or hydroponically systems. Even beginners can see amazing results in no time. She will grow compact buds with the earthy aroma and typical kushy for a deep, earthy and intensive smoke that is complemented with fruity notes. Money Maker will give a super-potent body high that will ensure you have bottomless relaxation depths. Through her effect of narcotic, she is best in treating insomnia and pains.

3. Super Skunk (sensi seeds)

Skunk is one of Sensi Seeds’ groundbreaking strains. With its Super Skunk, the goal of Sensi is to take back its famed family back to its Afghani roots which are original. She is easy to grow and not very demanding so that even new growers can look forward to a smoke with an extraordinarily powerful effect. Get ready for a full-body experience and have her show you the deepest levels of relaxation.

4. Big Buddha Cheese (big Buddha seeds)

Cheese is among the most popular cannabis strains in the UK. Lore has it that the strain originated from a bag of Skunk seeds back in the late 1980s. What makes Cheese so unique is her cheese-like smell which is intense, this is a trait which popularized her immediately in the cannabis scene and among several breeders and growers. The strain of Big Buddha Seeds was taken in the early 2000s by Breeders who wanted to generate a version of seed for the famous strain  along with the help of a top Afghani. In seed form, it is the Cheese hybrid that is most popular. The strain of Big Buddha Cheese will combine her trademark cheese aroma with some tropical and sweet notes. Connoisseurs and Cultivators love it for her yields. Her high is uplifting and energetic, long-lasting and very clear.

5. Blueberry (Dutch passion)

Considering the Blue Family, this is the most popular strains of cannabis. It comprises of her and the other sisters such as Blue Moonshine, Blue Velvet, Flo, and Blue Heaven. The name blueberry came around due to her authentic and delightful blueberry flavor together with aroma and the beautiful flowers that ripe from red to purple to a nice blueberry blue. With its genetics, some of the best Thai sativas and Afghani indicas together with the influence of minor Mexican, she can produce resinous buds which can delight every grower. It is an expensive experience to smoke her, this is not only due to her fruity and fresh blueberry aroma, but it is due to her pleasant high which is euphoric. This can last for some hours.

6. LSD (Barney’s farm)

LSD cannabis strain is bred by Barney’s Farm with the assistance of top genetics. This led to a spectacular plant which grows in a big punch of robustness and vigor.  She is capable of resisting most of the diseases. You can grow her anywhere without any problem. LSD will respectably yield of around 600g/m². She needs a short time to flower of 8-9 weeks only. Barney’s Farm’s LSD is famous for her powerful high that can give a very trippy and psychedelic experience together with a not-less powerful relaxing body stone. Some of her phenotypes have been measured to contain a staggering 24% of THC. Her smoke has an intensive, earthy and musky chestnut aroma. cannabis medical uses and benefits

Sativa vs. India: the effects and high

Indica Effects

Indica strains can generate “body high.” This will leave you in a physically relaxed state and sleepy. Enthusiasts for Marijuana time and again describe indica as producing a feeling of being, and use the phrase “in-da-couch” to remember that Indica effects are best enjoyed on the couch (preferably with movies). Most people prefer Indica effects in the evening. However, Sativa strains will produce “head high,” which is energetic. This is suited for physical and creative activities. They are normally enjoyed during daytime hours. The Hybrid strain is a cross between Sativa and Indica, generating a high which combines both properties. Medical marijuana patients also often use these specific strain categories for treating different illnesses and conditions. You can use them in treatment of loss of appetite, insomnia, and chronic pain. You need to do a lot of research, since many researchers do believe that several factors, like the ratio of CBD to THC, is important in determining the potential for medical uses. Still, the scientific literature does show that Indica tends to have a higher CBD content than sativa, and sativa tends to have a higher THC content. CBD is increasingly demonstrating itself as a possibly potent treatment option, carrying anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD also does not make users feel “high.”

Indica High

Indicas have a sedating effect. Several stoners apply the mnemonic, “in da couch”. This refers to the body high which is well-known for strong indica. It’s great for listening to music or watching a movie in the evening. In this way, you can unwind after working all day long. This can act as an interlude relaxing before bed. It is great at kicking back before snoozing your crafty vaporizer. Medically speaking, the soporific potency and heavy resin of sativa vs indica flowers which ensures they are valued by people with anxiety, insomnia, pain, and nausea. Popular effects of recreation for sativa vs indica strains include relaxation, strong hunger, and happy sleepiness. Nearly pure or pure indica strains include Hindu Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Kush, Critical Mass, God’s Gift, and L.A. Confidential.

Sativa Effects

The uplifting Sativa high is more cerebral than the Indica high, which is described as more of a body high. It has a stimulation that is perfect for you if you prefer to consume cannabis during the day. But, for several people, the racing thoughts and mental stimulation that is soaring which can associate itself with the Sativa weed will increase anxiety. This is the reason why if you are often prone to anxiety attacks. You are supposed to choose Indica strains. Most Sativas that are pulse-pounding like Green Crack, Trainwreck, and Jack Herer are likened by the fans because of their mental fireworks, while shunned by others since they are too stimulating.

Sativa High

Sativas, on the other hand, are known for their invigorating mental effects. The uplifting, cerebral effects of the sativa vs indica high make these strains ideal for social gatherings and creative pursuits like music, art, and writing. The stimulating effects of sativas make them ideal for a motivational “wake and bake” session, akin to a cup of coffee. Nearly pure or pure sativa strains include Thai, Durban Poison, Panama Red, Ghost Train Haze, Chernobyl, Strawberry Cough, Amnesia Haze and Trinity. indica vs sativa

Medical uses and benefits: Indica vs Sativa

1. Promotes Sleep

It has long been common knowledge that one of the best (if not the best) medical use for indica strains is to promote sleep. Not long ago, in fact, a report was published in the Swiss academic journal Medicines. It claimed that cannabis flower was correlated with “significant improvements in perceived insomnia,” and that flower from sativa strains was “…associated with more negative side effects than a flower from [indica] plant subtypes.” Indica strains will be your best choice when you are looking for a good sleep at night.

2. Relieves Stress and Anxiety

This may seem odd given that indica effects are typically more dominant on the body than they are the mind, but when it comes to anxiety relief, high-CBD cannabis is better than high-THC cannabis. In indica weed, CBD is more prevalent than in sativa.

3. Relaxes Muscles

There are top-12 strains which Leafly reviewers identified as muscle relaxers, except one of which (Amnesia) is a sativa strain. The eleven others are found to be pure indica breeds and indica-dominant hybrids. Some of the indica strains will offer the best spasticity medical effects. They include Romulan, Northern Lights, Platinum Kush, Nine-Pound Hammer, Vanilla Kush, and Critical Kush, all of which are born-and-bred indicas.

4. Reduces Seizures

There have been cases where Sativa has helped prevent seizures to people who are prone to having seizures.

5. Decreases Inflammation and Pain

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is a globally-recognized organization dedicated to “advancing legal medical marijuana therapeutics and research.” their educational resource is titled the ASA which is the “Guide to Using Medical Cannabis,” the effects of top indica cannabis therapeutic is to help in reducing inflammation and pain. Again, this is likely due to the presence of full-spectrum CBD in indica-dominant weed varieties. CBD-infused lotions and pure CBD oils are known to work wonders at minimization of inflammation when given the genetic profile of landrace indica dominant strains, this makes sense. sativa or indica difference


Looking for your best strain is more straightforward if you have developed a good understanding of cannabinoids and terpenes. You need to decide on the effect you want and go from there. If you need a strain for a perfect bedtime, for example, then you should consider a high strain of CBD with terpene mycrene. If you need a buzzy and energetic strain that will keep you going all day long, then you should go for a high-THC strain in limonene. If you require any assistance in finding your best strain, you can try steering a sativa vs. indica test. Go for a few pure indicas available. Get strains such as Afghan Kush, L.A. Confidential, and The Hog. While you are at it, got for a few pure sativas examples. Strains such as Trainwreck, Durban Poison, Green Crack, and Jack Herer should do. Stick to a couple of the indicas for one session. Have a separate, all-sativa session on an entirely different day. Draw your own conclusions about the difference between the indica vs. sativa high.

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