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📖 A Handy Guide to commonly asked questions

Great News Canada! 🇨🇦 From West to East Coast, Marijuana has become legal all provinces in Canada.

Now in additional to “medical marijuana”, legal “recreational marijuana” is available for consumption. This weed is available at recreational marijuana retailers.

🏠 Can I order from marijuana from home?

Absolutely. Canada Post has been delivering medical marijuana via mail safely since 2013.

👍 What’s the most of weed I can have on me legally?

Individuals that are of legal age in their particular province can possess 30 grams of marijuana legally. This was made official on Oct.17, 2018.

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💡 What is the age I can buy weed online?

It various for each province. Here is the breakdown:
✅ British Columbia Legal age: 19
✅ Alberta Legal age: 19
✅ Saskatchewan Legal age: 19
✅ Manitoba Legal age: 19
✅ Ontario Legal age: 19
✅ Quebec Legal age: 21
✅ Newfoundland and Labrador Legal age: 19
✅ Nova Scotia Legal age: 19
✅ Prince Edward Island Legal age: 19
✅ New Brunswick Legal age: 19
✅ Nunavut Legal age: 19
✅ Northwest Territories Legal age: 19
✅ Yukon Legal age: 19

📃 Do I need a medical note or doctors permission to smoke bud?

It used to be that marijuana dispensaries needed a medical note however you no longer need one.

order weed no doctos note or card

🧐 What cannabis can I order online?

You can order a range of weed related product with the most popular being “flower” which is the buds that you roll up and smoke or place in a water bong to smoke. Other popular products are pre-rolled joints, concentrate, edibles and gummies. By trying out different bud strains, you will eventually find your favourite strains that provide you with a particular feel.

😃 What can weed help with?

By either smoking bud or by ingesting capsules, people experience positive effects with their anxiety, insomnia, pain, and nausea. Weed can also provide you with euphoria and can also make you feel giggly and happy. People are use it relief of their depression and chronic pain.

😓 What was like before?

Up until the recently, you needed a medical note to obtain marijuana. You would have to register and pay the extra medical fee. Now, in 2019 things are easier and simpler. You don’t even need to leave your home and can purchase marijuana at an online retailer and pay with e-transfer.

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🛍️ What to look for in an online marijuana retailer?

Look for a online retailer that you can depend on. One that has high quality product, impeccable customer service and fast shipping times. You want an online dispensary with awesome reviews so you have that assurance you are being taken care of. Signs of great customer service include a toll-free phone number, LiveChat and a fast response time when engaging with the online dispensary. A reputable website will ensure their shipments and properly package and label the outgoing product in a discreet fashion.

💵 More benefits of buying online?

You’ll be able to save a lot of time shopping for your choice of product online than commuting to a physical store. You won’t have to wait in line and you’ll have an amazing selection of product from your favorite online dispensary. By going online, you will be able to acquire weed strains that are more challenging to find and then the product is shipped directly to your door.

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🌅 What’s changed in 2019 / 2020?

Marijuana has had a stigma towards it for many years. Now, as more people use it for medical purposes and even just for times of relaxation, the general public has a more favorable attitude towards the consumption of marijuana products. This has greatly increased the amount of senior aged people that are trying weed out for the first time.

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