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How Long Does An Ounce Of Weed Last For?

how long does an an ounce of weed

If you’re anything like Snoop Dogg and hired a full-time blunt roller for $50,000USD per year, an ounce of premium weed will past you about a day. However, if you’re not a celebrity superstar with all the time you want to stay high, then an ounce of weed can last you much longer than that.

How Long Does An Ounce Of Weed Last For?

Ian Snyder, a former cannabis user said, “When I was at my height of smoking (4–5 .25g joints a day), it lasted me about two weeks.

In my situation it depended on how much I had to do over the course of a week. If I was working a lot, I tended to smoke less. If I had more days where I was just sitting around I would smoke a lot more.

If you’re counting a .5g joint a day as “regular”, you’re looking at ~28 days (a half ounce is 14g). If you’re smoking a gram day, it’s two weeks.

I know we don’t tend to measure out what we smoke, and that makes this question even harder to answer.

In any case, my experience was 10–14 days. I know people who smoked a lot more than me, and I think a half ounce would’ve got them through at least 3–5 days. At that point it’s anywhere from 3–30 days for a half [ounce] depending on how many joints (or their equivalent) you smoke a day, and how much pot you use per joint.”

Ben Owens, Cannabis consumer, writer and CannaVenture® founder says, “I get asked questions like these all too often. As someone who rolls up larger blunts and enjoys extended smoke sessions, my cannabis consumption rate is much higher than most. If you aren’t smoking that often, or you’re not smoking that much, you’re likely to make an ounce of weed last upwards of weeks or even months. The specific rate will vary based on frequency and quantity of consumption; personally, an ounce lasts me about a week, sometimes less. When I first started smoking, an ounce would have lasted me at least a month, if not two.

When I first started smoking, each time we would consume cannabis it would take about a quarter of a gram of flower at most to notice the effects (the “high”). Eventually, I became more accustomed to cannabis and the high that accompanies its use, and could handle larger amounts and continual consumption at events throughout longer periods of time.

When I first started smoking, we’d all throw in on a small blunt (<1gram) or smoke out of one-hitters and small glass pipes. If we got to use a bong or a vaporizer, it was a very lucky day. Now, I primarily smoke out of blunts and bongs, and I’ve upgraded my blunt capacity 2-3x. Since I’m now smoking more cannabis, more often, my rate of consumption is much higher.

When I first started smoking, a gram or a half-eighth would last me a few days to upwards of a week. At that rate, an ounce would last me a few months. Now, I generally roll a blunt or two a day to the tune of about 2-3grams per blunt. It’s not uncommon for an ounce to last less than a week if there’s been significant amount of social events during that period of time.

What I’m illustrating here is that, even for a “heavy” smoker like myself, there’s a range for how long any amount of cannabis will last, and it’s a result of two factors:

  • How often you smoke weed: If you smoke once or twice a month, your ounce will last you a lot longer than if you’re smoking multiple times a day. Typically, the more frequent you consume, the more you’ll consume in a shorter time period. Unless, of course, you roll a one ounce joint, once a month, which brings me to…

  • How much you smoke, when you smoke: If you’re consuming small amounts regularly, it’s still possible to have your ounce outlast the infrequent but copious smoker. Similarly, if you’re consuming infrequently, but enjoy multiple Backwoods at a time or are cooking with large amounts of cannabis each time, then you’re likely to burn through your buds just as fast as the regular consumer

So, if you’re considering buying an ounce of cannabis, first consider what your plans are in the future. Are you going to concerts? Will you be out of town mostly? Is there a CannaVenture that weekend? Is it National Blunt Day? Your intentions for the ounce will likely determine whether it lasts months or days.”

Can An Ounce Of Weed Last For A Month?

Another individual with Glaucoma states that that an ounce of weed will last only 7 days for him while another recreational user says it will easily last her a month and a half. With all these varying answers, Ben seems to be on point with his answer,

Your intentions for the ounce will likely determine whether it lasts months or days.

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