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Cryptocurrency Cannabis Weed Brands include Potcoin and Tokes collaboration

cryptocurrency cannabis weed brands include potcoin and tokes collaboration featured

What are these Cannabis brands doing with cryptocurrency?

PotCoin and one of its subsidiaries, Multichain Ventures, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding. The strategic and exploratory partnership will maintain the focus on the marijuana sector. With the help of tokens, the PotCoins technology ecosystem is being expanded and Pot Coin is becoming a key player in the cannabis industry.

This would give cannabis dealers access to the supply chains of the world’s largest cannabis companies as well as to the most valuable assets of the cannabis industry.

Could PotCoin and Tokes become legal and green in the US or in the near future, and could this move come as Americans are fed up with the war on drugs and have long called for the legalization of marijuana at the federal level? The move may also come at a good time, as more states like Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska have voted to decriminalize marijuana nationwide. Finding a payment solution is problematic, however.

Economic infrastructure to facilitate crypto-trade and the creation of a regulatory framework for the legal cannabis industry.

The company’s internal elements include compliance, custody, KY / AML and payments, including trading, settlement and price conversion. Tokes has introduced the platform specifically to address these concerns, but the software solution has only solved some of the problems. The company is developing a platform for sellers to help them adjust to cryptocurrencies and legal marijuana businesses.

Tokes also offers a custodian solution that allows traders to accept symbolic payments for many assets. Users can then exchange tokens for alternative digital assets, which will then be transferred to a third party depositary.

PotCoin plans to bridge the gap between blockchain and the marijuana sector by leveraging its partnership and community-based philosophy. The core mission of the company has always been to develop tools to inform operators about blockchain use, build trust and create transparency. With an MIT license PotCoin’s open source project was developed by a development team that recognizes the challenges facing the emerging cannabis industry. We have developed tools to train operators, build trust and create value for the cannabis community.

The company has a broad background in both cryptocurrencies and cannabis, and PotCoin’s unconventional approach has caught the attention of the mainstream with its use of blockchain technology and open source software.

PotCoin is a special cryptocurrency designed to strengthen the legalized cannabis industry. Cooperation between the two companies brings together resources, including the long-standing brand value of both companies and the expertise of the PotCoin team.

The PotCoin community and Tokes Platform Technology are striving to provide the cannabis industry with a blockchain-based banking system derived from potCoin cryptocurrency. Cannabis dealers will no longer be forced to deal exclusively in cash. The collaboration between Pot coin and Toke’s platform is a welcome association for the average cannabis entrepreneur. This substance creates a competitive advantage in the marijuana field for both companies and for cannabis entrepreneurs and their customers.

By combining technology, brand equity and cooperation with legislators, a significant and complete advantage can be achieved in the cannabis industry.

cryptocurrency cannabis weed brands include potcoin and tokes collaboration

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