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The popular term “kush” is added to many indica strain names because of where the plant originates from, the Hindu Kush regions. Bulkier than their sativa cousins, indica plants grow shorter and produce a more dense bud. They typically are a more dark green color. The strains tend to have more of a CBD concentration and less THC than most sativa strains. Indica-dominant marijuana plants are known for their ability to help users fall asleep more easily. The heavy relaxed effects also make the strain great for relieve from chronic pain, migraines and other pain related conditions. It’s for these reasons, indicas are recommended for the evening or nighttime use.  Fighting eating disorders with indica usage may help, as they can increase your appetite more than sativa. With all those characteristics in mind, indica plants are make considerable solution for depression relief.

At Got Weed Online we also carry a wide selection of hybrid strains so you can have the best of both worlds. Browse our daily growing selection and if there’s anything we don’t have let us know and we’ll be sure to bring them in stock.

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