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Buy Weed Through An Online Dispensary In Canada Even If You Have No Identification – No Card Required

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No ID… No Problem!

Buy Weed Through An Online Dispensary Even If You Have No Identification

A Canadian online dispensary is making it easy for people to buy weed online even if they have no ID. Have you…

  • Lost your ID and the government is saying you need ID to get ID?
  • Migrated to Canada recently and getting Canadian ID is seemingly more difficult than one would imagine?
  • Had your ID confiscated and unable to quickly get it back because of political red-tape?

Medical conditions along with recreational activities can pop up at any given time and having reliable access to cannabis products should not be dependent on if you have proper identification or not.

With Got Weed Online – a top rated online dispensary where no card required – makes mail order marijuana simple. Never be declined your medication because you don’t have an ID card. You can buy weed online through a secure, safe and private online dispensary in these 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill your online shopping cart with your favourite dried flowers, concentrates, tinctures and eatables
  2. Checkout using your name and mailing address only
  3. Submit payment using e-mail money transfer and wait up to 24hrs to receive your mail order marijuana tracking number.

Don’t Have An Identification Card For Your Online Dispensary Order?

At Got Weed Online, we do not ask you to submit copies of your identification card. We trust that you are over the age of 19 (21 in Quebec) when you place an online order to by weed from a dispensary.
Get started today by ordering your favourite cannabis products online without no card required.

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Got Weed Online

Got Weed Online

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