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Avoid TransLink Delays And Buy Weed Online Using An Online MOM Service

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There are still a few weed dispensaries such as the BC Compassion Club & The Stalk Market where the residents of Vancouver can buy weed locally. And lucky for them TransLink was able to avoid a strike which would have left over 350,000 daily bus users stranded.

Many people would not have been able to get to work, go to doctors’ appointments, visit friends or even buy weed locally in Vancouver. And if Unifor and Coast Mountain Bus Company didn’t come to a tentative agreement, this TransLink strike would have lasted for at least 3 days.

Obviously this would have devastating effects on the community that relies on TransLink to buy weed from their local dispensary. The last time there was a TransLink strike, it lasted 4 months. Can you survive that long without you medicinal marijuana?

Mail Order Marijuana As A Backup To Transportation Issues

It’s important to have a mail order marijuana service provider that makes it simple for you to buy weed online from a safe and private online dispensary in Canada. Even if you love to support your local dispensaries, transportation issues such as a TransLink strike can leave you stranded without any weed or other cannabis products.

Got Weed Online – a top MOM in Canada provides…

  • Super fast delivery (in most of Canada)

  • Free shipping*

  • Large selection of clean & safe cannabis products

  • Contents & giveaways

Have a backup plan for if you ever run into transportation issues that prevent you from making it to your local dispensary. Checkout our daily cannabis promotions and place your first mail order marijuana today.

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Got Weed Online

Got Weed Online

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