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Arizona legalizes marijuana: 2020 dispensary laws change

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As of 30th November 2020, recreational marijuana is legal in Arizona after the Secretary of State certified the November 3rd Citizens’ initiated ballot results.

The Smart and Safe Arizona Act (prop 207) clearly shows how the state has gradually accepted marijuana for its numerous medical benefits and recreational value. This bold move makes Arizona the 13th state to legalize recreational marijuana.

Let’s look at the propositions that came before prop 207 which led to the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes and, consequently, recreational use.

Prop 200

In 1996, 60% of Arizona’s voters approved prop 200, which sought to legalize marijuana for medical use. Unfortunately, prop 200 was repealed a few months later.

Prop 203

In 2002, prop 203 that sought to legalize medical marijuana was put on vote but failed after getting 42.7% of the votes.

Revised Prop 203

In 2010, revised prop 203 was introduced, still seeking the legalization of medical marijuana. It was approved narrowly by 50.1% of the voters. The prop stated that;

  • Patients can possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana if they have a doctor’s recommendation.
  • The number of cannabis dispensaries was limited to 124
  • No patient was allowed to cultivate marijuana unless they lived more than 25 miles from the nearest cannabis dispensary.

Prop 205: where the recreational marijuana journey started

In 2016, an initiative to have recreational marijuana use legalized lost in votes (48.7%). It advocated for the adult possession of marijuana and authorization to grow a maximum of 6 cannabis plants for personal use. 

It also sought to incorporate marijuana as a business that would be involved in the commercial distribution of products and be subjected to taxation.

arizona weed legalization 2020

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