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Are Canadian MOMs Safe To Buy Weed From?

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Secret Revealed…

How Thousands Of Cannabis Users Across Canada Are able To Get Mail Order Marijuana Delivered To Their Home Fast…

October 2019 marked the one-year anniversary of new cannabis laws in Canada. By going with a credible Mail Order Marijuana company that has a long track list of satisfied customers and reviews, you are going to safely receive high quality and clean cannabis products to your door fast. With a legit mail order marijuana service provider, you can now buy weed online.

Got Weed Online is a top online weed dispensary in Canada serving the mail order marijuana community. Our online dispensary provides high quality cannabis products and a private & secure fulfillment process.

  • Free & Fast delivery so you are never left dry when you really need to get high
  • Access to dried flowers, concentrates, tinctures and eatables so you can alleviate any health symptoms or enhance your favourite recreational activities
  • Protect your identity while buying weed online through a non-branded & secure payment processor
  • Receive the most pungent weed to your door without anyone suspecting a thing with Canada Posts smell proof packages
  • Receive a tracking order within 24 hours so you can rest assured that your products are on the way
  • Live customer service phone line available in the event you have any questions or concerns

Is Buying Weed Online From A Canadian Mail Order Marijuana Safe?

Knowing the legislation surrounding cannabis, Got Weed Online would never mail order marijuana to a customer in a single package if the order was for over 30 grams of a cannabis product. Canadian laws allow for individuals to have in their possession up to 30 grams of cannabis.

This law is what make buying weed online 100% safe for the consumer as long as you order from a legitimate and high quality Canada MOM such as Got Weed Online.

But don’t take my word for it.

See what other Canadian mail order marijuana users have to say…

Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) Canada Reviews

Catherine Cox – 4 Stars: Super fast shipping (1 day). Got my tracking number after I my order got processed. Smooth buying experience. Less selection than some other online dispensaries but they seem to really care.

Maxwell Reed – 5 Stars: Great rewards program! Love the images you have of your products. Good first experience, I’m ordering again soon and telling friends about this place.

Cortie Upchurch – 5 Stars: Product came in 2 days, discreet packaging and sealed smell proof bag. Buds were fluffy and protected in a cardboard box. I like their rewards program and will be ordering from them again!

Roxanne Jurrens: 5 Stars: Had to email them for help for my order. They were friendly and knew their stuff. I was able to receive my next day and was pleased with the packaging, discreet and secure. I’m considering switching to mail order service for my monthly needs. Thanks Got Weed for explaining to me the pros and cons!

Wilbert Yarens – 5 Star: Fast shipping Best deals on concentrates I’ve seen so far. Prices are competitive and they even do price matching. Highly recommend to anyone.

Devin Kuhn – 4 Stars: Couldn’t find the FAQ but good communication via email. Staff was really helpful and did mention they are new and constantly upgrading their site.

A Legitimate Online Dispensary In Canada

At Got Weed Online, is your safe, secure and fast mail order marijuana provider. Buy weed online is safe with us and you can find various contest and other bonus from time to time by visiting our website often. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here and getting 20% off on your first order.

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