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6 Ounces Of Weed For Free: Got Weed Online Contest Results

After our first failed contest, we made sure that there would be a winner the second time around regardless! You’ll find out how we came up with this contest and how we tallied the points. We’ll share with you some of the funny moments during the contest and process. 

How We Came Up With The Contest

When we were coming up with the contest we thought to ourselves about who this contest was for. Obviously, those who used and consumed marijuana. We thought to ourselves about what would be a great prize to win. Being avid smokers ourselves, something like a free eighth just wouldn’t cut it. We put our heads together and thought about what we’d like to win ourselves. Two heads are better than one, they say. And they are absolutely right because after collaborating with the team we came up with our Free Marijuana For A Year Contest. 

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First Contest Fail

In our first contest the rules were simple. Contestants were to enter their email, like and share our Facebook page. We intending on doing a draw for all the contestants who entered. However 2 weeks into the contest we noticed people were putting their emails in but no one was liking or sharing the page. We sent out an email reminding contestants to Like and Share the page. We had contestants open the emails yet still no Likes or Shares. 

At this point we thought maybe people didn’t want to share something of this nature on their Facebook. However that wouldn’t explain why people weren’t “Liking” the page. It crossed our mind that maybe everyone who entered was too stoned to read the rules(we all had a good laugh at this). So we created a new contest giving people the option to share if they chose to. Of course if they did they were rewarded greatly with points.

We even feel that the grand prize gives off a “too good to be true” vibe. However, those who don’t join without doing more research are missing out on more opportunities in life, than just free weed. 

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How We Tallied The Points

Got Weed Online uses a gamified contest system/reward system. We create bonus actions and assign a certain amount of points to each action. Of course actions that involve sharing rewarded you with more points and other simpler actions like following us on instagram gave contestants a chance to accumulate points. 

We actually had a lot of contestants not follow the directions of the bonus actions by not actually doing the action or submitting the wrong answer(usually a social media profile). We felt it wouldn’t be fair to just disqualify people or not give them a chance to make it right. So we messaged the top contestants with instructions on what to do to confirm their points.

After giving all contestants a heads up and leveling the playing field, we waited to see if things on the leaderboards would change. We had one position change but other than that, the board pretty much stayed the same.

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And The Winners Are...

We selected the 3 random winners for “free eighths with their next order” prize. Our contest system lets us randomly select winners for a predetermined prize, in this case a free eighth with their next order. Our 3 winners are listed below:

  1.  David Harvey
  2.  Chris Knihniski
  3.  Billiejean Chinkon

Congratulations to our grand prize winner of free marijuana for a year:

Frank Chartrand

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Upcoming Contests And Future Promotions

Our contest was a huge success and we’re looking forward to running it again. We would have loved to put in bonus actions for reviews about us but felt that would require the contestant purchasing something. We want to keep this contest open to everyone even if you are not a current customer. 

We will run this contest 1 maybe 2 more times then we will be changing the prizes in the contest. We will also be implementing a rewards programs for current customers. We look forward to more great contests and promotions with you in the near future.

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