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At this online dispensary located in Canada, you can find marijuana plants, concentrates, tinctures and even eatables. You will find everything you need for both the recreational or medicinal use of marijuana.

As an online dispensary servicing Canada, we pride ourselves on getting high quality marijuana to those that need it most. Shop today at Canada’s best online dispensary.

BC Online Dispensary

Got Weed Online is a BC online dispensary that serves all of Canada with direct to your door delivery. Based in beautiful British Columbia, we offer the best weed available on the market. After all, BC bud has become a worldwide sensation. Even those who get high in Amsterdam love to puff on the BC bud. While BC bud is known around the world as the best marijuana on the plant, we are strictly focused on getting weed to our fellow Canadians.

When you order through Got Weed Online – a top BC online dispensary – your order will be processed the same day. All orders placed before 1pm pacific time, will ship out the same day.

Mail Order Marijuana AKA MOM

Mail Order Marijuana or MOM for short, is a large and ever growing community of marijuana users whom receive their danky ass buds and other weed products through the mail. This isn’t anything new as the first online transaction was for a bag a weed, right!? 🤔 So what are you waiting for, order today and we’ll mail order marijuana to you fast!

Was a baggie of weed really the first online transaction in history? Our upcoming blog post will have the definitive answer!

How To Buy Weed Online

Three simple step to receiving high quality marijuana products from a BC online dispensary and have it delivered directly to your door…fast:

STEP 1: Add to cart all the products you would like from our large selection of marijuana products. Browse our selection of Canada top marijuana producers. Find all the best weekly deals of premium quality medicinal cannabis

STEP 2: Checkout and enter accurate shipping details. We ship all products in Canada Post packaging that are smell proof. To prevent any lost mail, use your real name as Canada Post workers typically work the exact same route every day. Canada Post does have the authority to not delivery packages that look unusual or suspicious.


STEP 3: Submit order and follow the directions very carefully on the confirmation page. The confirmation page will contain an order number. The order number will be needed for when you send your payment via an electronic transfer of funds (also known as e-transfers or email transfers). This is a service by Interac that all major Canadian Banks and Credit Unions offer (additional fees may apply).

STEP 1: Browse our vast and wide selection of Marijuana products from qualified Canadian producers. Sign up to our newsletter to get all the best weekly deals of premium quality medicinal cannabis to your email. Add to cart all the products you would like purchase.

STEP 2: Checkout and enter accurate shipping details. To prevent any lost mail, use your real name as Canada Post workers typically work the exact same route every day. Canada Post does have the authority to not delivery packages that look unusual or suspicious.

STEP 3: Submit your order and follow the directions very carefully on the confirmation page. Send your payment via an E-Transfer to the email on your order confirmation email. This is a service by Interac that all major Canadian Banks and Credit Unions offer (additional fees may apply).

And that is how to buy weed online!

Mail order marijuana has never been this simple, so what are you waiting for? Order your weed online today.

Still unsure if you should buy weed online? Read this blog post, “Is Mail Order Marijuana Safe?”


We work to be number one in the CanadianMoms market. We value delivering quality cannabis to customers throughout Canada. We have a wide selection of various flower strains of many grades. We make ordering via the mail order marijuana system easy.


Why Buy From Got Weed Online

Qualified Producers

We source our products from licensed producers and other manufactures with high quality control and standards.


We work hard in staying up to date with all the innovation in the Marijuana industry. We're always adding new products and exclusive specials for members.

Security & Privacy

We will never share your information, guaranteed. We use the best security tools and best practices including SSL, PCI compliance and encrypted email for payments.

Free Shipping

For all online marijuana orders over $99.00 shipping is free. If your online weed order is lost or stolen we will reship another order to you at no expense.

Price Match

If you find a similar weed or marijuana product online with the same grade and strain we will match their price. At Got Weed Online we strive to bring you the best value.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Got Weed Online have peace of mind that we guarantee your satisfaction or we will make it right. Our Staff will work with you on how to order all the way to how to smoke.


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3 Best Weed Strains:

Marijuana is divided into three main weed strains or species; Indica, Sativa and Hybrid. So whether you’re a recreational user of marijuana or a medicinal user of marijuana, the best weed strains can be found here.

What Is The Difference Between The Weed Species

indica strains
Indicas are best used for medicinal purposes as they help to reduce inflammation and can also act as a temporary, mild to moderate pain-killer. The indica weed strain provides a relaxing effect (or high) and is used in a legal capacity to help insomniacs and other users who have difficulty sleeping. Indicas give off a really relaxing feeling and is not recommended for users who need to be alert and active.

Some of the most popular indica weed strains are Bubba Kush, Northern Lights and God’s Gift.

sativa strains
Sativas give of an uplifting and energitic effect which makes it perfect for recreational users. In addition to the energy boost experienced with the stiva weed strains, it can also enhance creativity. Because of the uplifting high of sativas, it is often used with people facing mental health challenges such as depression, mood swings or bipolar.

Some of the most popular sativa weed strains are Jack Herer, Island Sweet Skunk and Purple Haze

Hybrids are a blend of an indica and sativa strain. A hybrid can be either an indica- or sativa-dominant strain of weed or simply a 50/50 weed strain. Growers produce hybrids as it allows them to create specific highs by mixing their favourite plants together. This also gives growers the opportunity to create more variety within the weed strains.

Some of the most popular hybrid weed strains are Pineapple Express, OG Kush and Mango Haze.

For a detailed explaination on the weed strains, read our blog post titled, “What Are Weed Strains?”

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